How Rocky River Mining Works

Panning is suitable for all ages with a friendly Rocky River Mining team member on hand to offer any assistance.

Mining Rough Products

Rocky River Mining offers a choice of the following bags of mining rough for participants to use when panning for treasure.
Our gemstone mix contains a variety of semi precious stones and minerals including:

Quartz, Quartz Points, Amethyst, Fluorite, Agate, Red Jasper, Calcite, Geode, Pyrite, Apatite & Rose Quartz.

Our fossil bags are made up of:

Orthoceras, Gastropods, Crinoids, Hermatite, Ammonites, Sea Urchin, Shark Teeth, Braciopod & more.

All bags come with a chart to ensure easy identification. Participants take home their treasures.

Note mining rough is additional to the attraction hire fee.

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We bring the thrill of the gold rush to your event

Participants receive a bag of mining rough enriched with either gemstones or fossils from around the world.

Sift through the rough with the aid of a screen bottom tray and as the water from the sluice washes away the sand their treasures are revealed.

Each panner keeps all they find and with the help of the identification chart they can readily identify their collection of treasures.

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Customer Reviews

We work hard to ensure the event organiser & visitors experiencing our attraction are 100% happy with our service.

“Best Australian attraction I have been to ever I will definitely be going back, fabulous”

Robyn Allan

“We loved this at the Maitland Show! Please come back!!”

Renee Poje

“We just did this at the Gold Coast Show. It was my daughter’s favourite activity all day.”

Cindy Brooks